How long have you been natural? Do you find it hard not to straighten your hair only once per year?

For the most part I'm fine. Mostly, I don't straighten because I want maximum growth & health. Plus, I'm cautious to straighten because I don't want to mess with my curl pattern, suffer heat damage, or better yet, get hooked on straightening. Lol!

I love my curls but every now and then I think about straightening my hair out of curiosity. I have a friend who had to BC & start all over after reaching SL due to heat damage. However, I have another friend & after seeing Allnaturalchick straighten once per month & don't seem to have an issue with their curl patterns... Still have beautiful curls!

What's your take?

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Originally Posted by tots5678

Ive been on a healthy hair journey for over 3 years....I was natural a few months before but always kept my hair pressed and/or weaved

I find it hard to straighten my hair actually , I prefer my naps. Every the time comes around for my annual i'm compromising on when I should do it, the procrastinate...

The point of my healthy hair journey was to challenge my self to lay off heat, because I had alot of damage and breakage. I learned that my hair is heat sensitive, and yea it was hard to lay off then, but the more healthy my hair got, the less I wanted to straighten, and I never turned back...I get bored with straight hair now...
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im the same way now, when i first was natural i flat ironed for years but was natural then it switched, now i prefer my curls and when i do flat iron its prob a day or so later im ready for my curls again. you go way longer than me though! i do it once every 3 or 4 months. right now im trying to hold out till my bangs reach my chin so i still have about an inch or so to go left. part of me wants to hold out till its close to my due date and flat iron for the delivery. which wont be till july 24th well see
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