Actually keratin treatment can repair damaged hair at its very core, it's relatively unexpensive if you think about its long term results, and, depending on the brand, the whole process can last from one to four days.
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No, it can't--that is total misinformation. Hair is a non-metabolically active tissue and cannot be "repaired" by anything.

My hair has not been repaired, I simply don't care that the curl relaxation is permanent. In fact, my hair is so soft right now, it almost won't hold any curl pattern at all, and that's actually kind of problematic. I used to be a 3c/4a; now I'm barely a 2c. Some people do and need to be aware of that fact. And, it's not "semi-permanent," it's permanent if done enough times on the same hair or the finer your hair texture. If you begin with coarse hair, it takes longer to break down your hair's natural keratin layer. Fine hair has relatively little natural keratin, and the permanent curl relaxation is permanent from probably the second application.
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