I have always been the non-pc type. I never say african american or caucasian or anything like that. Neither have I ever been offended by hearing racial slurs. I was taught that we give power to words and if we don't let it bother us, the idiot who used it will look more like an idiot.

So anywho. I'm going to try to keep this short. I think one of my best friends is married to a racist, but I don't think he even knows it or is in denial. That is what I need advice about. Is he racist or just stupid??

Today for the first time in a while I got on facebook. As most of you have noticed most follks are posting about Tayvon. So I'm browsing through the nwesfeed of my friends when I see my bestfriends hubby, who I also consider a dear friend, post about the case. I'm not going to copy and paste. What he said offended me. I am never offended!!! He pretty much went on a rant about the murderer being not white. He used the racial slur for mexicans and further went on to say the truth will come out and maybe Zimmerman(whatever his name is) had just cause. I was stunned. I wanted to comment but no clue what to say, because I am so stunned!

As I have said I am not pc neither are my friends. But seeing this on his wall hurt. I don't know why. it was just so uncalled for. His candor is usually welcoming, but this was so... wrong to me. I didn't even hear him say it just type it and my opinion of him has changed. Is he a racist, stupid, or both?

I know I will never use words like that again. I have done it with friends joking with them. They have done it to me. But for some reason this incident has changed how I feel about those words. I'm not sure if its because its connected to this case or what. I just know its going to be strabge being around him