What bothered me is that he said the slur on a public forum for one. Then I just noticed he wrote on his wall that he is entitled to his opinion and beliefs. And if anyone doesn't like it they know what to do.

As I have said me and my friends are no where near pc, but I have never saw any of them post racial slurs on a public forum. I will admit that I have posted "sup cr@cker?" On a friend's wall and in turn they comment back, "nothing much mutt" or something like that. But I have never or witnesses any of them doing anything like this friend.

And yes everyone is entittled to their opinion. Another reason I enjoy his friendship is that we can dabate. But just throwing around racial slurs has never occured in my presents unless it was in the context I mentioned before.

The post just got me to thinking to some past incidents I never thought too much about. I'm starting to think he may not like brown people.