I would liken it to trying to measure a baby's BMI. It's probably not going to be accurate, although you can often have a good guess, you can look to the parents for some clue although that too can throw you off and it's going to change so quickly that it's best to wait.
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my moms hair is kind of kinky. idk what type its not curly its like an Afro except the strands don't curl but are more wavy/straight they're kind of stretched out. she's always been natural and doesn't use anything but water and Shea butter. she's also half Indian... my dad idk he's always bald he's half native America.

back to my mom. when she has an Afro its pretty thick and her hair isn't curly its just like the hair is out and stretched.
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Sorry if I was unclear! I was saying you can't normally tell, but some might guess from the parents' hair, but with the descriptions you've given me, I still couldn't hazard a guess! It's best to just wait tbh.
For me, curl size only really matters for styling (and all styles can be adjusted and attempted for all curl types anyway) and since your hair is so short, you won't be doing much styling, so it doesn't matter right now! Try and figure out what makes and keeps it moisturised, how often it requires washing, how easy it takes up products, what helps keep the knots away, etc. rather than, how big are the curls. For now at least. Good luck!
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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