Amneris, I use to feel the complete opposite. I felt I could use it with my friends and they could use it with me. I knew they never meant it as a negative hateful remark same as for me. Just this past weekend me and my friend along with others were doing it.

But know this!

I don't know how to deal with it. I feel if I confront him about it, I'm be called a hypocrite. And honestly that's what I feel like. Just last week I was using racial slurs, now I'm pitching a fit because of this situation. I'm not any type of hispanic and it wasn't directed towards me, but if I feel this way now, what if someone did direct a hateful slur towards me. I have been called the n word before, but I was maybe 12. It didn't bother me. I laughed it off and called the person a dumbass. I think in my old age I'm getting more sensitive.