When I lived in California everyone knew I was mixed because (I assume) there are so many of us mixed kids there. Now living on the East Coast, I usually just get asked if I'm Latina (as if multiracial people don't exist, that baffles me). Regardless of all that, I do however get asked from time to time if I'm mixed, but more often I'm asking people what ethnicity are they! I don't mean it to be offensive, and I know people are offended by it sometimes. But, for me, I'm so curious about other cultures and the rest of the world that it's a natural question. I'm just curious to know what people everywhere look like. I rarely ask anyone because of their hair, I probably don't pay much attention to it, as I'm aware people can have any type of hair. I would guess its people's overall appearance that makes me curious. If you're not the stereotypical looking black or white person chances are I'm asking you you're ethnicity. And, if it were easier to distinguish exactly what country our European and African ancestors came from in this country I'd be asking every white and black American their ethnicity as well! I don't want to know people's race, because that is simply a matter of color.. well what color is your skin? Now, I've got your race. But, I find it terribly interesting to see how many different looks people of each country can have. Sorry, for those of you who are offended by nosey people like me, but I assure you most of us mean no harm! Especially, for someone like myself who experiences similar questions, for me it just isn't a personal question.


I'm also sorry for the lengthy essay I just wrote.