WTH does "jew him down" mean? her computer is "being jewish". I grew up around jewish people as well, Baltimore has a big community. i know the stereotypes, but I would had been totally clueless of what they meant.

You may be right wild~hair. I think I am becoming wiser. I'm growing up. i cringe at the thought of growing up, but i guess with it comes wisdom. These words are becoming so commonplace that people throw them around not realizing what affect they could have.

looking back at some things I feel stupid. I have never set out to offend anyone or hurt someone. i never used the words for shock value either. which a part of me is wondering if my friend did it to get people's attention. i also feel he may just be ignorant to alot of things as I once was. yes he is in his thirties, but honestly not too intellegent. He grew up in a most homologous community. he didnt meet a muslim until last year, he is in his mid-thirties. I feel inclined to educate him to the fact that hispanic is not a race. you can be hispanic and white or black. in this case, we're speaking about someone who is a white hispanic. i think if i enlighten him, he will become more aware. I also dont want his kids who i consider my niece and nephew growing up with this idea that it's ok to say these words.