You've definitely come to the right place! This question might be better posted in the "general" forum. Might get more responses.

A good haircut is the foundation for everything. If you haven't had a haircut in a few months, you may need another. Lots of proper layering will "lighten" things up and your curls should "spring" to life.

You may want to determine your porosity, too. Here's a link to help Live Curly Live Free - Home Since your hair is fine, you probably need to use protein in your products and do frequent PTs. Depending what you use, you'll need to follow up with a DT. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of protein in my products. I'd stay away from mousse. The propellant can be very drying.

I never used products prior to lurking on It's help change my winter wavy/summer 3a hair. Now it looks like my signature picture all year around.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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