After suffering a lot with my hair (frizz, no definition, dryness, bad haircuts,...etc) for over two years, I have stopped being a natural curly only a month ago and started straightening my hair again. I'm gonna try my luck again with straight hair since I had no problem with doing so years ago and I just quit straightening it because I fancied my curls more.
However, my hair is still suffering. It feels super dry, knots everywhere, grabby (so it ends up being torn on random objects, ouch! ),...etc.

So right now I have no idea what does my hair need?
Is it more moisture, more protein or what? Is there a way or a method to know what the hair needs, cause I don't want to mess it up more than it already is.

I also wanted to add that my hair has been very weak, falling out and breaking all the time for a year or so now.

Thanks in advance

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