Its okay to use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Just be very gentle and do not pull at your knots, i just gently pull apart knots with my fingers..Also when your hair is soaking wet in the shower its alot more sensitive and raking a comb through your hair in the shower might break off some hair. For others its okay though.

What works for me is gently combing your hair with your fingers in the shower to untangle (while conditioner is in my hair) and then when im done with my hair i just twist it up and clip it with a big clip. This might cause a few tangles again so after showering i use a little bit more conditioner to detangle with a wide tooth comb. I do this right away or else i have to splash a little more water with condish.

Then, I do the super soaker method!!! wich clumps my curls back together even after i combed them out. Look it up on the Techniques Link!! great stuff on there.