I'm sad, my childhood friend passed away. She was always so positive and happy, even after MS took over. She didn't even make it to 35.

Sending flowers is probably not enough right? Should I go to her parents home to pay my respects? She isn't married, no kids and she lived alone. The thing is I haven't seen her parents in years.

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If one of my close childhood friends passed away (and I'm still close to many of them...or at least friendly with them). I would definitely reach out to the parents. I know that when you are a kid friends with a child, that child's family gets to know you every well. You spend the night at their house, come to birthdays, stay over for dinner....all that stuff. I think your presence would be welcomed. Especially since your friend didn't have a family of her own, it would be nice that her parents know that there are others that care about her as much as they do.