"So what exactly are you implying here? If taking care of oneself is considered as high maintenance then almost everyone is just that. Just because a person doesn't wear makeup or take over an hour to get ready it does not mean they look like garbage and that they do not care about how they look. That's just silly.

Many women who choose not to wear makeup, for example do so because they look better without it and they could also care less if others want to wear it. It seems to me that you have subtly taken a stab at people who naturally like to keep things simple because that's what works for them yet you yourself don't like it when someone does the same to you."

Um...I think you completely misunderstood what I was saying here. I did NOT mean to say that all people who didn't wear makeup don't care about their appearance. I meant more the ones who get all righteous about it and think that those of who DO stuff whether it's with our hair, makeup or anything else is "high maintenance". To each their own. I'm not going to explain any further here. End of my input on this subject.