I don't necessarily think Caramix3a was taking a shot at people who don't wear makeup or take time on their appearance so much as just saying that taking time on your appearance isn't a silly, trivial thing to do and isn't a sign of stereotypical feminine weakness.

I think it's just as valid to spend an hour on your hair and an hour on your face every day as it is to wake up ten minutes before you have to leave, put on some clothes, shake your hair out, and go (and trust me, I have plenty of days like that!) and I bet most people here feel the same.

What I need to get over is the idea that if I'm spending time and attention on my hair, it's not "really" curly. I'm just making it curly by the things I'm doing to it
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^ THIS FOR ME TOO. SERIOUSLY. I have to use sooooooo much product to make my waves separate out into individual s-curls (though I'm starting to like the way they're falling even with less product) that it's like "Oh ... I'm not really curly/wavy." I had an irrational fear of my best friend judging me for having curly hair products in my shower when she was staying with me, haha.

But my hair's sure not straight, doesn't really even do a very good impression of it if I brush it out, and it looks better and feels healthier with a CG routine, so this seems like the way to go.