Most Indian women who have "curly" hair don't have truly curly hair. We have wavy hair and we want to straighten it b/c of the tendency to frizz and bush out. I went through about a 10 year period with curly hair. But my mom is biracial - I thought I would end up having her hair permanently which is not a bad thing. I would have embraced it had I known what to do with it. Now my hair is more like dad's... thick loose wave... but not as dense as it was before. I don't have much choice but to straighten b/c there is no good wave pattern and it enjoys bunching up in humidity which esp. doesn't look good in shorter lengths.
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Exactly! Everyone thinks that Desi people (South Asian) hate curly hair, that's not true! We just don't know how to take care of them. Trust me, once my thick straight hair turn to thick slightly wavy hair, I was happy, until they started getting frizzy. In fact, my curly-haired cousins in Bangladesh didn't even know what conditioner was! And yet they wanted silky looking hair. (That doesn't automatically mean straight.)

As for the narrow-minded women on this post saying how Indian women have a lot of self hate just because they wanted change (like blue contacts), guess what? No matter what race they are, everyone likes a little bit of change Just because I straighten or curl my hair for a day, doesn't mean I dislike my wavy hair. Same with Kangana Ranaut, just because she wears blue contacts for a few photo shoots, doesn't mean she hates her brown eyes. And guess what? Not every South Asian has natural dark brown eyes...#justsayin'

I don't get why if we do it, then all the sudden everyone's talking about it, what, we can't wear colored contacts just because of our race?!?!
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