Hi all,

I don't know if anyone saw the hair episode on the tyra banks show, but they had these gals on with 'horrible hair' (the episode was called "America's Worst Hair) and these gals had I'm guessing curly hair, it was just curly hair totally blown out badly and frizzed up, and yup you guessed it: each one of them comes out straight and shiny.

Why don't they educate people on how to work with curly hair, instead of just changing it? I know it has more dramatic effect when someone with frizzy insane looking hair comes out stick straight...but still....it would be great if JUST ONCE they would celebrate a beautiful head of curls instead of trying to 'tame' it....

even tyra quoted "I don't know how you guys tamed that mop"

grrrrrr :x
"Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician"