I remember once when I was in 7th grade and that was when I first started wearing my hair natural, and my friend said "Can you brush your hair?? You look like a poodle!" It didn't hurt me, just irritated me. I told her, "You're not supposed to brush your curly hair dry, if I did, I'd look like you" Her hair was naturally curly and frizzy and she brushed it dry (You could tell).

Another time, I was at the same friend's house with our other friend, who has naturally straight hair. And the straight haired friend tried to brush my hair dry, and I said, "What are you doing???" And it hurt, because, well you're not supposed to do it. So the friend said, "See you never brush your hair, it wouldn't hurt if you brushed it regularly. The one part of my hair she brushed, looked awful compared to the rest of my hair. go figure. Back then, I constantly had people telling me to straighten my hair, even though they claimed I had nice curls.

Also during middle school all my "friends" and a lot of boys LOVED throwing things in my hair. I'd be having a conversation with someone and they'd start cracking up and next thing I know people are picking paper and junk out of my hair. Now that I'm in High school, nobody cares what kind of hair you have, as long as you take care of it. Although I do still occasionally get people trying to tell me what I should do with my hair, but I usually just tell them I don't want to. Lol.
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ha ha ha people used to put things in my hair too
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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