After much pondering, research, and youtube video watching - I decided to buy the new devafuser and dryer ($150). I was hesitant because of the price but am SO glad I took the plunge.
I have shoulder length type 3 curls. I used a bowl diffuser in the past.

I really like the devafuser for drying my roots and neck area. I get lift on the top and by drying the roots first they hold their curl better since the weigh of my wet hair isn't pulling the curl out.
The devafuser is a it akward to use on the ends of my hair. I rotate the "hand" and use it to cup the ends but some stands fall through the gaps; If I have time to wait for air drying - I use the devafuser to dry the roots and underneath hair and let the ends air dry. If I don't have time, I use the devafuser first and then my bowl diffuser to dry the ends.
I am really happy with my purchase and since I read so many reviews before deciding to make my purchase I wanted to add mine to the mix.