I know a lot of you may be trying to battle the flat top, but I think my thick 2b/c hair looks better with a flat top. I'm trying to achieve that straight at the top, but natural waves at the bottom look. I already have my natural waves to work with, but I need methods for straightening the top naturally without making the bottom waves frizzy. And I don't think frying my hair with a flat iron is necessary to make it straight, since my hair is wavy.

I have ONE method that works okay. I basically tie a banana clip while my hair dries, but that either gets the bottom frizzy, or doesn't get top straight enough, which results in more frizz.

In case you need a visual, something like Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens.

I know there waves may not be natural (or could be) but that where I want the curl/wave to start. Thanks for the help!
From Noni's Wavy Head