I know a lot of you may be trying to battle the flat top, but I think my thick 2b/c hair looks better with a flat top. I'm trying to achieve that straight at the top, but natural waves at the bottom look. I already have my natural waves to work with, but I need methods for straightening the top naturally without making the bottom waves frizzy. And I don't think frying my hair with a flat iron is necessary to make it straight, since my hair is wavy.

I have ONE method that works okay. I basically tie a banana clip while my hair dries, but that either gets the bottom frizzy, or doesn't get top straight enough, which results in more frizz.

In case you need a visual, something like Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens.

I know there waves may not be natural (or could be) but that where I want the curl/wave to start. Thanks for the help!
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Once you have washed your hair and put in your products and gel, comb your hair smooth with a fine comb or Denman brush, part it as you like, and comb it out smooth again, then while standing upright, scrunch your hair up from the bottom, until you have the desired effect. Let it dry. I like to dry my hair under a hardhat dryer.
If you want more control over the curl, set the lower
edges in big pincurls.Your hair should be combed smooth, with one row of pincurls about ear level.
Another way to do this is with a head band set.
Comb your damp hair smooth, and put an elastic headband over your hair, hippie style. Take small sections of hair, and wrap it up and over the band,until all of your hair is would around it. Let it dry.When you take it out, you will have a smooth top with curls on the bottom.