Hello everyone!
I'm new here.I have been lurking these forums for about a month and I finally decided to join the community.

I'm a woman in her early-thirties.
After cutting my hair very short for 9 years, I've decided to let it grow long again.During the transition, I have discovered that my hair is naturally wavy/curly.Whether or not this is due to hormones,age or chemicals, I don't know.Although curly hair does run in my family on my dads side, I take after my mothers side whom all members have straight hair.

I used to have straight hair when I was a kid until I got it permed when I was 9 and again when I was 13.I've been coloring my hair since I was 13 and I started turning gray very slowly since the age of 17.

Hair and beauty have been an interest of mine since I was little.Although I never got into cosmetology, I do enjoy learning about all things that deal with hair.

I'd to learn from everyone here and I hope that maybe I can be helpful in return!
Hair Type: 2A (underneath), 2C & 3A.