This was before my BC, when I still had a texturizer in my hair. My curls were very damaged and puffy (but not in a pretty way.) There was no life to it. I just put it in a ponytail every day.

So I used to go to this horrible school around here. Most of the kids were rude and the entire school was just a nightmare.
One day I was walking in the hallways with my dried up ponytail and I walked past a group of boys. We were the only ones in the hallway because we were supposed to be at lunch. But the lunch was horrible so I skipped it.

As I was passing these losers that I didn't even know, they decided to call me ugly and one of them shouted out "Get a perm!" or whatever. And the funny thing was that his hair looked just like mine.

So when I came back home I cried. A few weeks later this happened again, but with another group of boys (I think. They all look the same with their saggy pants).

I hope I run into those boys again. I will beat them all up.

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