If you're wearing sunscreen (following all directions - time, reapplication, etc.) and still getting tanned, doesn't that mean it didn't work?
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Sunscreen doesn't protect you from getting tanned it just protects you UV rays penetrating your skin. But it definitely protects your skin. HTH
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Getting tanned = UV rays penetrating your skin, causing oxidative stress, melanin leakage, etc.No sunscreen protects against 100% of rays.

Saila, I have been pondering this, and I really think that what someone said earlier was correct: that you did not apply enough initially. Also, make sure your sunscreen has appropriate UVA ratings. Those are the rays which are thought to cause the release of melanin which combines with oxygen to oxidize and color the skin. I have found that a lot of sunscreens from the US (I cannot remember where you are located) do not have enough, even though they are rated as "broad-spectrum". I switched to a sunscreen rated PA+++ (I think this is from the Japanese system) and have had significantly less of this problem. As far as re-applying with makeup, I make sure I have a sunscreen with plenty of zinc oxide which is said to block most of the UVA spectrum.
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Yes, I am in the US and my sunscreen is "broad spectrum" with UVA/UVB protection. I was concerned because a tan = sun damage and I'm definitely getting tan even while running early mornings with a hat and sunscreen. What a mess. I guess I will get a higher SPF for my body and keep Mission Skincare for my face since it doesn't clog pores.