^ THIS FOR ME TOO. SERIOUSLY. I have to use sooooooo much product to make my waves separate out into individual s-curls (though I'm starting to like the way they're falling even with less product) that it's like "Oh ... I'm not really curly/wavy." I had an irrational fear of my best friend judging me for having curly hair products in my shower when she was staying with me, haha.
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Yes! There's a part of me (you know, the evil voice self critic) that says, "You don't really have wavy/curly hair. If you did, you wouldn't need to use any product. People are secretly laughing at you for pretending to be curly/wavy."

I love your point about not having straight hair. Because I also clearly don't have straight hair and never did. What I had was a mom with straight hair that was always telling me (with the best of intentions) to brush my hair So I had frizzy hair.

Now I have wavy and curly hair, with product and styling knowledge

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