Pearl, I've got to say, stick to your guns. A haircut that depends on your hair being straightened in order to be cut is not going to suit your hair when it's curly. And you are the one who has to live with it day to day, not your friend. It could hurt her feelings, but she won't have to live with bad hair for 4, 5, or 6 months as it grows out. And that's not saying her cut will be bad because she's not a good stylist, it's saying the cut won't be appropriate for your curls. Because she's cutting your hair in a state that it had to be forced into - a state that is unnatural for it to be in, and that you aren't going to wear it in on a daily basis.

Unless you are prepared to live with the ramifications of wearing the cut as it grows out, you will have to tell her - as kindly, gently, and thoughtfully as you know how - that you can't have her cutting your hair, especially if her cutting your hair involves her flat-ironing it, when flat-ironing it isn't how you wear your hair (if you wear it curly; if you don't, then of course, ignore everything I just said, lol).

Good luck!
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