- Ah! Graduate school! I now have my list of all the places I'm applying. There are 8 schools - 6 masters'/specialist programs, and 2 doctoral programs. Wahoo! It's so weird to have that list, but such a relief as well. I have this cute little binder labeled "grad school" and everything, with all my info compiled in it. Before, I was looking all over the country. Then I realized that even if I got into a school somewhere far away from one of the 2 cities my fiance and I are considering living in, I totally wouldn't go. So I'll save myself the aggravation of those apps, not to mention the application fees. That makes life so much simpler.

- My credits from my study-abroad program transferred in today. I got 8 credits from it. Cool! That's $3,000 saved. What a relief.

- I really think school psychology is the perfect field for me. I've done a bunch of exploring and looking around, but I really feel like I've settled on the right one for sooo many reasons. I love psychology but I do not want to be a clinical psychologist or a therapist (and thank goodness, because getting into one of those programs is like trying to get into medical school). And I don't want to go into research/academia - I want to do something applied. And I know for a fact that I want to work with kids, and that child development is something I am super excited and passionate about. Plus there's a lot of flexibility (more-so if you go the PhD route), decent pay, and the potential for a very family-friendly work schedule.

- I miss my fiance! He's considering transferring to be close to me, but we're waiting to see where I get into graduate school first, then we'll figure out if it's possible. I want to get married and live together already.
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