What if I have bsl hair, no lift at the roots, and my ends are getting stringy? My last cut was in September (end of). Am I just overdue for a cut? I don't have root lift anyway, and my ends aren't usually stringy, but they are getting stringy now I have medium hair, not that fine, but not as thick as it used to be, and alot of it.

What do I tell my stylist? I'm getting ready to go in for a cut very soon.
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If your ends are stringy, they may need to be cut. It may be damage, to many layers, or terminal length. I feel most cuts look best with some weight at the bottom.
As for the root lift, it can be tricky on longer, finer hair.
Leaving enough weight at the bottom, but taking the weight out at the top. I have a few ways I can do this. Rounding out the layers, leaving weight in the middles. Or I can get creative and pick up strategic curls at the crown where you want the lift and cut them a few more c's then the rest. This kind of cut must be styled and cliped to the cut to work properly. Careful, this is also where some feel a deva cut is uneven. hth
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