Speaking of shows to watch, even though it's really late, I still declare it Buffy time.

OMG YES I CAN'T EVEN SUMMARIZE THE "PREVIOUSLY ON" BIT BECAUSE GILES IS SO AMAZING. He went full-on Ripper on that bringer and he was so smooth grabbing onto the axe like it was nothing out of the ordinary and chopping off the bringer's head and oh Giles ILU so very, very much! Hahaha, I love how when Spike jumps at him out of nowhere and tells him that Anya said he was the First and hence "go-through-able," Giles is all, "Then what the hell'd you tackle me for, you berk? What was that supposed to do?" I didn't even realize during the time ASH wasn't on the show how much I'd missed his faces, too - the one he makes at learning the chip was removed is great. *gasp* The potential from Shanghai! She just said in Chinese that she had no idea what anyone was saying! We finally have a Slayer potential who doesn't speak English! And they were just wandering through the graveyard with her in the group, speaking to them in English? Alrighty, then. Did I just see Ashanti's name in the credits? Will we have Bronze singer involvement this episode? Oh dear, I may have been spoiled for the plot of this episode. When I saw Buffy episodes on the TV guide awhile ago, I looked at the descriptions to see what season they were from, and one said "Buffy goes on a date with the principal." This episode is titled "First Date" - is she going to go out with Wood to figure him out? (Another said Willow would turn into Warren, but that was too WTF to even be a spoiler.)

Oh hai, Ashanti! So she's acting in this episode. I recall her being on an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, too. (Also, she is wearing a red shirt. Just felt like pointing that out.) Oh god Xander no, not the lack of segue to asking her out! Ooh, good save with the "Oh, so you're the only one who gets to be random?" I have misjudged your level of awkward in this situation. Buffy - Buffy, he's gonna catch you in his office...Told'ja so. Despite the ominous shadows, that wasn't such a bad save either, though. Ooooohhhhh, Principal Wood asked her out! I like the touch of him saying he may have to have her sign something saying he didn't make that joke about how he's not saying to have dinner with him if she likes having a job. I also just plain like this actor. WHAT WHAT BLOODY WAVY DAGGER AND CRAZY WEAPONS STASH WHAT. Red velvet is the perfect fabric to display weapons on. But WHAT?! Is he asking Buffy out to figure her out or to kill her?? Oh man, I love First!Jonathan. He casually insults Blondie multiple times each sentence and he's fabulously sarcastic: "Ooh, ahh, it burns as it ineffectually passes through me." And now he's the voice in Blondie's head telling him to shoot the potentials. I like that Anya and Buffy are close enough to be talking about dates and trying to get the pizza stain Dawn knew Buffy would think is blood out. I also like that Anya's just like, "Of course it's working!" about her notion that Xander's date is to make her jealous; not so big on how quickly their interaction turns to Buffy not being able to understand/deal with Anya. Huh, the new souled Spike is making a good effort toward having a healthy attitude about Buffy dating. HA! Dawn's earnest delivery of "Holy crap!" about Giles's flashcards! The reaction is warranted, those are some very gory stick figure drawings. Poor new potential. I don't see how he thought those would help, though I get where he's coming from with wanting to make the gravity of their situation clear, including his issue with the fact that two Scoobies are currently on dates rather than on potential protection duty.

Vampire ambush! I love this: "You set me up, you son of a -- *sees that Wood is fighting, too* What?" Principal Wood's vampire slaying is almost worthy of my automatic giggle for Ripper earlier! Oh Xander, talking about Anya. There will not be a second date with Ashanti - er, Lissa, because she's not warped like Kennedy. Whoa, unless that's just how we're writing love interests nowadays! WTF? She'd better be evil, show! But now we have it explained that Wood hired Buffy to get her with him over the Hellmouth to deal with the big thing coming, and we get humorous acknowledgement that while Buffy wants to believe otherwise, everyone knows she's not exactly brilliant as a counselor. OMG! Principal Wood's mother was the Slayer Spike killed on the subway! My mouth is agape! Poor baby lost her when he was only four. It's not lost on me that he's gonna have to find out Spike's the killer, but right now it's all about him sharing fascinating facts like how he was raised by his mom's Watcher. "So, you decided to tell me - in a darkened little romantic French restaurant?" "Yeah - not sure how that happened, but yeah." If there was no Spike, they could be so cute together. Bwahahaha, Blondie's wearing a wire! He sucks at undercover work, but he also sucks at everything else, so whatever, it's still amusing that he's wearing a wire to talk to the voice in his head.

Ashanti's evil and seems to be using Xander to try to raise the already-raised-and-dusted megavamp. Either that pit just generates those things or she didn't get the memo about that, or even the Slayer's name. Aw, Xander! "This can't just happen! It can't just keep happening that demon women find me attractive, there's gotta be a reason!" Poor guy. Heh, Willow can't remember if his signal means "I just got lucky, don't call me for awhile" or "My date's a demon who's trying to kill me" (love that they need both), but they decide that judging by percentages, he must be in danger. Spike is very impatient to go get Buffy. It's for the best, because if it had been someone less likable interrupting Wood feeding Buffy, I would've been annoyed. (Should I be calling him Robin now? It feels weird.) Oh no, Xander's getting cut open! Oh my goodness, Robin, if you knew that that's your mother's killer in the backseat of the car you're driving, things would be far more than awkward right now. He realizes he's a vampire now that they're all rushing in to save Xander and Spike's gone all bumpy-faced, and he's even seen Buffy look at him in a non-coworker-y way - how long before he learns the whole truth? Chao-Ahn! I had to look up your name because you're so entertaining! Asking Giles if the flashcard monsters are attacking, declaring that he's trying to kill you with the warm milk (like his unwitting attack on your lactose intolerant intestines with the ice cream), causing him to smile and say, "She's shy," as if that makes sense with the shouting - you are awesome, Chao-Ahn.

Oh wow, I literally just laughed out loud at Xander telling Willow to "gay [him] up," complete with "let's gay" because we must make ALL the gay puns, and Willow staring at him like "What?" Like, being gay and magical = random gay-making powers? She did try to do it to that one jock guy, though. Buffy's even better with her suggestion that he'd then start attracting male demons, and their happy jokey time is cute all around, but of course Giles must snap them back to reality because they're all in mortal peril. Oh, I do not like him saying "We may die," I do not like it one little bit. Please don't take my Giles away! Oh no, Wood's mother is the First's new puppet. He's going to find out that it was Spike who killed her. Sh*t just got real. This exchange was delivered flawlessly, BTW: Mama!First: "Now, what do you say?" Wood: *whispered* "Thank you."

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