Speaking of shows to watch, even though it's really late, I still declare it Buffy time.

OMG YES I CAN'T EVEN SUMMARIZE THE "PREVIOUSLY ON" BIT BECAUSE GILES IS SO AMAZING. He went full-on Ripper on that bringer and he was so smooth grabbing onto the axe like it was nothing out of the ordinary and chopping off the bringer's head and oh Giles ILU so very, very much! Hahaha, I love how when Spike jumps at him out of nowhere and tells him that Anya said he was the First and hence "go-through-able," Giles is all, "Then what the hell'd you tackle me for, you berk? What was that supposed to do?" I didn't even realize during the time ASH wasn't on the show how much I'd missed his faces, too - the one he makes at learning the chip was removed is great. *gasp* The potential from Shanghai! She just said in Chinese that she had no idea what anyone was saying! We finally have a Slayer potential who doesn't speak English! And they were just wandering through the graveyard with her in the group, speaking to them in English? Alrighty, then. Did I just see Ashanti's name in the credits? Will we have Bronze singer involvement this episode? Oh dear, I may have been spoiled for the plot of this episode. When I saw Buffy episodes on the TV guide awhile ago, I looked at the descriptions to see what season they were from, and one said "Buffy goes on a date with the principal." This episode is titled "First Date" - is she going to go out with Wood to figure him out? (Another said Willow would turn into Warren, but that was too WTF to even be a spoiler.)

Chao-Ahn! I had to look up your name because you're so entertaining! Asking Giles if the flashcard monsters are attacking, declaring that he's trying to kill you with the warm milk (like his unwitting attack on your lactose intolerant intestines with the ice cream), causing him to smile and say, "She's shy," as if that makes sense with the shouting - you are awesome, Chao-Ahn.

Sh*t just got real. This exchange was delivered flawlessly, BTW: Mama!First: "Now, what do you say?" Wood: *whispered* "Thank you."
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YES! It's always a good time for wild_sasparilla Buffy time!
So glad you've watched some Arrested Development. And George Michael is just awesome.
Also, now I can't wait till you get to Annyong.

Sometimes you reach Mark levels of cuteness with your unwitting comments.

I can't wait for the next couple of episodes. Things are going to get interesting now.

On Korra, this cracked me up, because, yeah . . .

How dare they draw such ridiculously attractive cartoon characters...
I need help.


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