I use the super soaker method and its in the techniques link in the general discussions. It makes nice clumps of curls.

I get frizz if dont detangle while its still really wet and I use a good amount of giovanni direct leave in condiitoner as my base. I comb it in with a wide toothe comb.

Then I do the super soaker over the sink with KCCC maybe some olive oil also.

Then i clip my bangs back because i dont like wet hair with product on my face and i unclip them when they are mostly dry.

After this is done dont touch my hair or try to alter it until its about 90% dry or i diffuse with cold air. When its all the way dry i scrunch out the gel cast in the same way i scrunched it all in.

i use olive oil as frizz serums or jojoba oil because most frizz serums have cones in them

also if your using a regualr towel to dry your hair than that might be causing frizz.
Its good to use a t shirt and blot it dry or a microfiber towel.