Good point about the clips - I don't know why I'm so lazy about it, just that I usually get midway through diffusing and think, oh, I forgot those darn clips again! LOL

Anyway, about your question, its usually a thing about how I'm treated 90% of the time, and only to do with how they do my hair the other 10% of the time. Funny, isn't it? In the case of the salon I don't trust, but the stylist I love works there, the problem was she got married and took 2 or 3 weeks off right when I went in - I went in for my birthday in September, didn't know she was out, and made an appt. to see another stylist (because I was treating myself for my bday). The other stylist was pretty highly rated on here and I thought it would be ok. It wasn't. I left feeling awful - my hair looked bad, and she just made me feel bad. She was 30 minutes late (coming in, not running late) and didn't apologize, I didn't feel treated well like I usually am (they usually offer coffee, tea, massage chairs, etc. It's a nice salon), and didn't listen to me when I tried to tell her what my hair likes and doesn't like. Within an hour of my leaving, I had a frizz ball for a hairdo - and it was my 40th bday, not a day a woman wants to feel ugly and unattractive. 40 is traumatic enough.
Anyway, I should've called and said something, but I'm not used to that, really. But I stewed about it for a while, and then left a review on Yelp. (I tried to leave a review here, but for whatever reason, NC wouldn't let me leave it, which is why I left it on Yelp.) I got a message back from the owner chastizing me for not calling to tell them I had an issue - implying the issue must be my fault, in other words, or else I wouldn't have had a problem calling and complaining. Then he offered to restyle my hair. But when I left a message to take him up on that offer, he never got back to me.

So yeah, I have issues trusting that salon - Cappella in Studio City, CA, if anyone wants to know. I don't feel I'm badmouthing them, since I'm just relating what actually happened. And I'm not repeating anything I haven't left on Yelp (and tried to leave on here, except can't).

I mistrust the stylist who did my hair that day because she wouldn't listen. I trust the stylist who normally does my hair in that salon (and am really upset I can't go see her anymore now) because she always listened and asked me if it was ok to use the product she wanted to use before she put it in my hair. I also felt comfortable telling her if I didn't like how my hair looked, whereas I would not have felt comfortable telling the other stylist if I didn't like my hair, because she had this "you'd better like it, I spent all this time on you" attitude about her.

Long explanation, but I hope it helps. What it all comes down to is, if I'm treated right, by the salon and the stylist, I go back. If I'm not, I don't even if the stylist is a really good one.
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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