I've almost always worn my hair short. It is of the length of the woman's in the Biolage ad to my left right now - maybe a little longer. Lately, I've been seeing more articles or comments and such on the web concerning women and short hair - mostly about men's opinions of women with short hair (read: Yahoo). I try not to pay attention, but it bothers me. I do know from experience that it's not a stereotype but has proven true for the most part.

I know all the natural reasons for longer hair = more attractive, but is short hair really that much of a turnoff? I think my hair suits me best at b/w chin and shoulder length, but it grows fast. I get compliments on it the longer it gets. When I cut it back to my preferred length, I see people take notice but no one says anything. When I wear it curly and short (which is rare b/c henna has relaxed a lot of my curl), I see people study it in a negative way lol. I'm not sure if it's because of the curl itself or the curl makes it look much shorter.

Black women strangely enough always compliment my hair when it's short and curly. I think they think I am part black because of my hair texture and I have fairly dark skin for a white person. Everyone else looks at me like I have a flying saucer on my head.

I guess I feel like saying what's the big deal? I'm low maintenance - I don't put a lot into my appearance and feel uncomfortable when people pay close attention though I guess that's life. I've moved into a different workplace so people don't focus as much on that stuff here though the articles stereotypes etc are everywhere. So, I will indulge it. If you've had long hair, and now have short hair or vice versa, do you notice a difference in how you're received?