It's fine if some people prefer longer hair, but others can be so rude about it.
I read some rude comments before saying: "Short hair isn't for women." or "It's not feminine enough."

It's almost like they're trying to control women by how they look. And we get this so much (too fat, too skinny, hair too long, hair too short, etc). As long as we're not hurting ourselves or each other, then why do they care? They need to mind their own business.

My hair isn't that long either. I remember when I cut my hair last year, I had to explain to everyone about how my hair was damaged from chemicals. Then they got all sad and told me how they wish I didn't cut my long hair off.

I plan on growing my hair longer. But not for other people. It's for me.

I think you should do what you want also. If you love your hair short, wear it short. Don't listen to negative comments from crazy people on Yahoo.

Another thing that bothers me about those people: They don't even know why some women have short hair. It could be for health reasons. Some people have trouble growing their hair. Others just like their hair short!

I actually enjoy wearing my hair short too. And those pixie cuts look beautiful (they probably wouldn't fit me though .)