Hey Zalim
I'm actually middle eastern as well, but with originally 4a hair, frizz galore, never a wash-and-go girl. I also got multiple treatments:

My first was coppola, and like you I had the keratin dream come true for my first treatment. Shiny, bouncy, thick beautiful hair emerged. I was in heaven for a couple of months.. then I started shedding, coppola was def the culprit, then it also wore off.

Next I did QOD max at home, was great, gave me better frizz control and tameness than coppola. For once I became a wash-and-go girl. It wore off, I re-did it a few months later but I made the mistake of redoing part that didn't need it so eventually my hair kinda limped up at the bottom and was too straight with frizz at the roots.

I went to QOD organiq next, at first I was like oh crap-- no formaldahyde at all and felt watery. Amazingly, I'm now 2 treatment of organiq out and I like it alot. Not as amazing as traditional keratin treatments, but really mild and gives my hair the frizz-calming effect I need, but muuuch more natural feel. I'm back to not being able to wash and go, but I'm still frizz-free after I blow-dry, and I'm not shedding.

In conclusion, this is my latest favorite routine.