Oh, Auntee bibs, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I would be so upset if I found out that happened to one of my clients while I was gone. Has the good stylist tried to contact you, or do you have a way to contact her personally? She may have a way to fix things for you.

It can be hard to find a salon especially a big one to support us in what we do. As in every profession, we have alot of different personalitys, and ways of doing things.

I try to contact my clients personaly, have a facebook for them so they may contact me directly. I am hoping that by giving them that personal touch, we can have better hair days all around

Isn't it funny how having your hair done is such an emotional experience, especially when your a curly. We all have a Hair'story. That's what we connect on. The great cut n style is a bonus. I hope to give my clients both!
3a/3b coarse and thick.....big and red

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