Lol he gets 300 boos.
Kim K is like a really nice item that all celebs have to be cool. Except you do her *I mean date to be cool.
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I would think she'd get tired of being passed around like a damn bottle of Moonshine at a Hoedown.. I mean she is 31 now.
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I guess I don't really see the issue with Kanye and Kim K. I like Kanye's music and I like how cocky he is but umm if he wants to hook up with Kim K, thats cool too. She has been around the block but that's not anything new for a lot of the celebs. Hollywoods darling E. Taylor was a cul-de-sac...maybe that is Kim K's idol.

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He was cheating on his fiancee when he got with Kim Kardashian and she was just starting with the Humprhies dude...... Amber Rose told it all. Kanye is just now admitting to it. Personally, I don't respect that sort of shady behavior in relationships aside from Kanye and Kim's so called.. "talents". I supposed I don't really see what other skanky celebs have to do with their sneaky cheating butts.

And Kanye's cocky attitude is digusting to me. He's overboard with it. I prefer confidence over cocky any day. I will say SOME of his music tolerable for me.