I'm going on a voluntary three day ban. I cannot with people, my mule cannot.

Do i have to once again, make a list of things I got hard in the paint for, if anyone takes my post to heart, they need to go check themselves before they wreck themselves. Maybe it's the addition of school stress plus life stress that I'm an emotional wreck already and maybe I'm being too emotional, but damn, I feel like people be mistaking me for someone who actually cares about things. I'm not going to argue about something I, one, do not care about, or two, don't care about. So get over it. And mostly everyone here, I would pray to god, gets that my writing style is a little over dramatic about things, and not to take me seriously. If you don't you're on my prayer list until the day I die.

*packs up bags and gets on mule and rides into the sun*

but seriously though, I'm going on a break..for real. and for only like 29 hours, but I refuse to deal with school or work or anything for those few hours.