I thought this Kony thing was dead and buried already. Those 15 minutes of rousing slacktivism (murrrcat's favorite thing ever) sure went fast.

Celebrities' dating decisions just serve to tell me what they're like. I mean, Kanye we already know is a blowhard and capable of much tomfoolery, but once he dates Kim K and tries to tell you he's in love with her, you know he's as deep as the kiddie pool.
See John Mayer and Jessica Simpson for another example, which many people poked fun at and were confused by because they thought he was so deep, only to then be surprised by his stupidity and verbal diarrhea. Seems to me Jessica was the smarter one of the two when all was said and done.
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Excellent points. But I won't front.. I do still have a crush on John Mayer.. shameful.. I know. But he's a cutie and I do enjoy is music. Not really sure what's up with his strange "look" these days though cause it's not working for him. He has displayed himself in the media as a total douche though... he did Taylor Swift wrong. He knew that little girl should have been off limits. SMDH.
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Okay, I vaguely recall some stuff about Taylor Swift and John Mayer, but I had no idea it really was a thing. Ick, Taylor Swift is kind of a child. I'm sure she's of age and all, but her maturity isn't exactly that of a grown woman. She still writes and expresses herself like a teen girl. Yeah, this kind of says something about her, considering John Mayer was no longer fooling anyone about the type of guy he is.