Okay.. I have to SERIOUSLY throw up at Kanye West talking about he fell in love with Kim Kardashian.... guess Amber Rose didn't lie after all..but still.. VOMIT.
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Lol he gets 300 boos.
Kim K is like a really nice item that all celebs have to be cool. Except you do her *I mean date to be cool.
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I would think she'd get tired of being passed around like a damn bottle of Moonshine at a Hoedown.. I mean she is 31 now.
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How is she being passed around like moonshine? She dates people, we just happen to know about it because it's public...I know several women in real life that date just as much or more than her. I could see if all these guys were friends, but as far as I know, they aren't and they run in different circles. Now I don't condone any kind of cheating, so I rebuke her just for that...but I don't think her dating behavior is abnormal.
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