i think people have a problem calling kim K , well not a problem but the reason they call her a slut is because of the sex tape with Ray J started her on her "fame"
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i dont think that makes her a slut either. i mean, it was a sex tape w/ her boyfriend that got leaked. it's not he fault that society is vapid enough to care SO MUCH about quasi celebrities boning on camera that they'd raise them from obscurity to almost super star status. sheiiiit... if ppl were throwing money at me just because i made a sex tape once, i'd cash in on it too.

it's like the jersey shore ppl. everyone's all mad at THEM for being famous, but they wouldn't even be that famous if y'all would stop giving them all this attention. that's like me being upset if ppl from bgc become famous. well... i helped to get them there, so...
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THANK YOU. Making a sex tape with your SO does NOT make you a slut. Granted, if I were a celeb I would "know better" and avoid that kind of drama, but seriously? American society is SO prude and we act like we're so risque and carefree. Lies.
People should be willing to stand by the things they say. Or they shouldn't say them. If your opinion can't stand in the light of day...maybe it should stay in the dark...in your head?
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