Why do people request to have their accounts deleted? Is NC like crack? Log off the site, cancel the thread update notifications, and forget the URL. Of course, if you don't broadcast that you're leaving, you run the risk of someone making a "Where's _______?" thread about you later. Oh, the humanity.
Originally Posted by CurlyElectra
That would happen anyway since hardly anyone checks the Feedback section.
What you need to is a full-on board suicide thread if you don't want people wondering.
Of course, posting the request in the Feedback section and adding that you don't want to be a part of this community instead of a PM or an email request IS a cry for attention, IMO.

But come on, what's better than anonymously checking a thread from people wondering where you are and showering you with love, or confirming your suspicions that those *****es were talking behind your back all along?