Okay, I vaguely recall some stuff about Taylor Swift and John Mayer, but I had no idea it really was a thing. Ick, Taylor Swift is kind of a child. I'm sure she's of age and all, but her maturity isn't exactly that of a grown woman. She still writes and expresses herself like a teen girl. Yeah, this kind of says something about her, considering John Mayer was no longer fooling anyone about the type of guy he is.
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From what I could gather from her comments and her song about him.. she fell for him and he seriously led her on. She ended it before it got way to far because she saw for herself he was a douche. She was warned to leave him the hell alone because he's a douche she stated but still tried to see the best in him. She's very young. John is in his 30's...and I think he was messing with this little girl's head. Clearly, all this ish started when they made that song together on his album. To me being "of age" doesn't always mean mature enough to handle a relationship with a much older man. And I think this fool knew that.. he just used her. SMDH.
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Swift thinks everyone leads her on, lol. She seems to be stuck at 14 as far as her views on men go.

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Good point. Even though she's 22 now she still seems to act like a 14 or 15 year old to me. I was stunned that she dated Jake Gyllenhaal (sp ?) He seems WAY too mature for her. But he ended it.. pretty fast I read. I don't think he ended up in one of her songs though..guess he let her down easy.