My mom straightens her hair everyday, no exceptions. I'm convinced that it used to be wavy or slightly curly, but now if it isn't straightened it's just frizzy and thin. Well, here's the story. I developed curly hair when I went through puberty, and before that it was straight with a bit of curl at the bottom. I've always felt like she kind of hated my curly, thick hair. She always suggests that I brush it out or "do" something with it, as if I try my hardest to make it look like crap, but that isn't the case. She also likes when I straighten it and only compliments me if I do. I'm pretty new to this site, and I'm *finally* getting answers to all my curly hair problems, and my hair is starting to feel healthier even though I haven't even gone CG yet. Well, I was so excited about this that I mentioned it to her the other day and now she's on the warpath. She thinks I'm trying to make it curlier instead of trying to tame it, and she finally admitted to me this morning that my hair bothers her. Apparently it's unkempt and messy, and while it probably is too some degree, I think my hair is pretty and her nasty little comments are starting to really make me resent her. I just turned sixteen, by the way.

So, my question is, will you guys share your stories of family members that don't like your hair? And how you dealt with them too? Thank you in advance!