Zimmerman isn't going to jail for murder period. I've just accepted that as fact now. I don't think there is any evidence they could use to prove he killed Martin in cold blood. So if he does go to jail for something.. I just don't see how it's going to be for murder in Florida. His father was a Supreme Court judge and he was smart to retain this lawyer for George.

Being racist (if he is) isn't illegal. He says he was attacked and shot Martin in defense. There are so many conflicting stories.. I can't see how it can be proven that he wasn't physically attacked in a court of law. Even the so called witnesses seem to be saying conflicting things. I've read Martin was on top of Zimmerman..and then I actually saw and heard a witness say they saw Martin on top beating Zimmerman up.

Initially, from certain reports it seemed cut and dry to me..but the more I hear and read... I just don't know. I'm at the point where I don't know what the heck went on that night and I don't think anyone else does except for George Zimmerman. One thing that does seem pretty clear is that the Sanford, FL police are shady as heck and didn't handle this situation properly at all. I think the family should sue them.