The key to using sulfate/sulphate shampoo is only use it when you have residue either on your scalp or in the hair that won't rinse out easily with just water. Also, you can minimize the number of times you use a shampoo containing sulfate down to once a month or bi weekly if you learn about water-soluble chemicals and why it is important to go cone-free aka only use products or conditioners that don't contain dimethicone.

No cones is not a life or death concept but there are several benefits as well as several non-beneficial things about using "silicone" ingredients but the main thing to remember is the one chemical that removes dimethicone is sulphate and that's why I don't use cones. Give me all the other ingredients in shampoo but don't give me:

sodium hydroxide
sulphate, or
mineral oil

You didn't mention whether you even use conditioner after you shampoo but I can guarantee the curls are not at 100% if you are not feeding in some nutrients and even a slight amount of moisture daily.

I don't recommend going more than 48 hours without moisture if you like having curly hair.