These last two weeks have been kinda a bummer for me. I ran once last week and none this week. I still have been at my 24lb mark with 3 lbs to go. I guess I was letting the whole amount I had to lose get the better of me and just wanting my tummy to look better than it is. What bought me back? I decided to wear some pants I had from two years ago thinking they should be good because they ran kinda small. Soon as I put them on they were slack on the belly and wrinkly on the thigh. Also a beautiful top I still purchased from lane Bryant. I tried the 18 on and it was slack by the armpits and back area. I couldn't let it go cause it was tooooo cute but I needed a 16 and I tried on a dress that fit in a 16. So I am trying to get back focused and hit it hard. I need to go grocery shopping, finish my last official 3 weeks of my running program, and start Rippped in 30. 102 lbs overall to go

Curse you iPhone!!!
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