A lot of people like Tresemme Naturals.

I know it's really frustrating to start going CG, what with everyone saying the "best" products are usually the ridiculously priced ones (I'm looking at you Ouidad and CJ). Instead of throwing away the product you don't like, have you tried returning them? Often times if you haven't used a ton of the product, keep the recipe and are nice they'll refund you, or at least give you store credit. You can always say you have an allergy to an ingredient (well, your HAIR does, lol).

Can you gives us the names of the products you've tried? Maybe we can pinpoint what's making your hair problematic.
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Thank you so much this made me smile through my tears. Well Ive never thought to return bc I end up using half the bottle until i reliaze I cant take it anymore. But I seriously will try it next time. (hopefully the next product will work) And as for what Ive used, heres a list:
Treseme flawless curls conditioner
Herbal essences hydration condtioner
SHea moisture curl smoothie
Loreal gel alochol free
John Freida Curl gel
Salma Hayek Curl cream (sample version since the big bottle is like $12)
Everything that I use NOW is only shea moisture and the treseme conditioner (which I JUST threw away since it has the silicone).