Well I completely wash out the treseme flawless curls conditioner once Im done fnger combing it through. After I get out of the shower I use the shea moisture curl smoothie as a leave in conditioner. I've never thought of using two diff. types of conditioners to wash scalp/ detangle. But doesnt VO5 and Suave have silicones in it?
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VO5 conditioners are mostly all CG, I jhavent used them in a while, but when I was first starting out, I used VO5 Tea Therapy Clairifying Conditioner to co-wash, and another, more moisturizing conditioner to rinse out. Suave 'Professionals' has cones I think, the Naturals does not. But again, you need to always check ingredients. Memorize "-cone, -conol, and -xane" as ingredients to avoid. Mineral Oil and Petrolatum should also be avoided if youre not shampooing.
Tresemee Naturals is fine, I'm pretty positive it even says 'Silicone Free' on the front of the bottle. But dont forget, you need to do a silicone free sulfate shampoo again, otherwise this routine just wont work.
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Ok, thanks for the advice I just wrote down all the bad ingredients and am going to leave in my purse. So does VO5 have a good sulfate free shampoo then?