I agree, honeycurls, that keratin treatment do not "repair" hair. It's a temporary cosmetic fix that coats your hair cuticles for a while giving the appearance of a healthier smoother cuticle until the chemical washes out. As you said, if done enough time the chemical seems to create permanent changes on your curl pattern but not necessarily for the better. My hair, for instance, is more fragile and lifeless where it's permanently straightened. Essentially the keratin treatments "killed" parts of my hair leaving them lifeless looking and fragile.
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So true. That's where the softness comes from that most people marvel over at first. But, that softness is not necessarily a good thing if your hair is fine. I think the chemicals in the treatments combined with the high heat of the flat iron dissolve the keratin layer of your own hair and permanently alter/destroy it. One of the rules I will always remember from chemistry is that "like dissolves like." Applied here, that probably means Brazilian KERATIN dissolves KERATIN layers on hair.

My hair just suddenly became "different" about 2 months ago. It became super fine, lifeless, and weightless, and has been shedding like an animal. I have very dense hair, thank dog, but it's still quite alarming to see the amount of hair that now comes out with washing. I go through this every year, but I can't remember if it's a seasonal thing or what. I'm hoping that as we approach summer, it will stop, and that it's just a seasonal shed that I'd never noticed over the years because I always had so much relaxer breakage.

Trevel--that's odd because I just used my Gold Organiq yesterday, and it wasn't watery at all. In fact, I was convinced it was probably the same formula...until I smelled it on my hair later. Ick.
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