thanks so much. Well I completely wash out the treseme flawless curls conditioner once Im done fnger combing it through. After I get out of the shower I use the shea moisture curl smoothie as a leave in conditioner. I've never thought of using two diff. types of conditioners to wash scalp/ detangle. But doesnt VO5 and Suave have silicones in it?
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V05 are cone-free, same for most Suave (check first, though!). I think the idea is to use one conditioner like you would shampoo - scrub your scalp, clean your hair. I find that cheap, watery conditioners work best for this. Then, once your hair is clean and the cheap conditiner is washed out, I use my "nice" conditioner like a normal conditioner, to make my hair soft and to brush/detangle it.

Make sure you use a sulfate shampoo that doesn't have any cones first - it will get rid of all the cones in your hair so you can start "fresh"!
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Thank you again, Yes I see about the starting fresh, well hopefully at some point today I can find a sulftae free shampoo to clean out my hair of silicones and then I will use nothing but sulfate free, silicone free and all that other bad stuff from then on
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No no no, you actually want to clean all the silicone out of your hair one last time using sulfates so that you don't end up with the same problem! So don't worry about making your shampoo sulfate free this one final time.

If I were you, I'd either check your old stuff or go into the sample aisle of the drugstore, where they sell the little bitty bottles of shampoos and stuff, and look for a shampoo that has sodium laurel/laureth sulfate as one of the very top ingredients but DOES NOT contain any of the silicones everyone else mentioned to avoid above. Use it tonight or tomorrow and then never again! That way, you'll have a clean slate, and as long as you stick with the products listed above, you should be okay!
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